Leonie van der Loos

Leonie van der Loos, Senior Account Manager Industrial Cleaning at Zuidgeest

After several jobs in the temporary employment sector, Leonie van der Loos, aged 30, felt ready for the next step in her career. And she found it at Zuidgeest. Leonie started out as Account Manager Industrial Cleaning in January of this year. A couple of months later, 'Senior' was added to the title, which means that she is responsible for the management and improvement processes within the team.

"When I start work in the morning, I never know what my day will be like"

Good feeling

Leonie instantly had a good feeling about the job interviews at Zuidgeest. "This good feeling I had made me decide to go for the job. After a couple of days I felt as if I had been working at Zuidgeest for years. One of the things that appeals to me is that it's a relatively small company, which allows for quick and easy interaction among departments. And it also offers more opportunities to join in decisions and bring in your own ideas. Leonie finds this very important in a job, but most of all she values job satisfaction, honesty and respect. Leonie: "These things are essential to achieve the best possible result together."


Leonie likes variety, which is a good thing because no two days are the same in her work. "When I start work in the morning, I never know what my day will be like. Sometimes there's a calamity that needs urgent attention, other times you find yourself at a plant with some employees, or you're visiting a client to discuss how a project can be carried out well and efficiently. You need to be able to respond and adapt quickly, get your priorities right, and be empathetic to all parties."

Free time

In her leisure time, Leonie enjoys dancing: salsa and bachata. Leonie: "I also like to spend time with my family and friends. But I can really enjoy watching movies or series, too, at home on the couch." When asked "If we knew you really well, what would we know about you?" she replies with a smile: "That I have two guinea pigs acting like dogs. When I come home after a day's work, their cage opens and they rush to greet me."

Ambitions and future

Leonie's ambitions are crystal clear: "To do my job well and be appreciated for it!" She is very eager to learn and wants to keep learning new things, but she also likes to teach new things to others. I can see myself working at Zuidgeest for a while: "I'm part of a great, small team, working together to achieve success. Who wouldn't want to be part of that?"

Source: Mourik Open 145

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